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X-Plane 9 Custom Scenery Files

NOTE: Just about all scenery makes use of OpenSceneryX objects. You can download OpenSceneryX here

South America
SKCG (1.0) - Custom Scenery for Rafael Nunez (Cartagena, Colombia) Airport30 Dec 2011MD5: 63b7f2d2f55bf8c894fe8f88979875bf
SKBO (1.3)- Custom Scenery for El Dorado, Bogota (Colombia) Airport. Now with Autogate!23 Apr 2012MD5: 2865ac666de81dc83a4d7c87895d7d61
SKMU, SKSV- Custom Scenery Colombian Regional Airports. More to come!21 May 2012MD5:
SEQU - Custom Scenery Quito Airport.23 July 2012MD5:
SKRG (1.1) - Custom Scenery Jose Maria Cordova Airport.7 Aug 2012MD5:
Middle East
HESH - Custom Scenery for SHARM EL SHEIKH INTL30 Oct 2011MD5: fc5e7c7897a79ba02c19e83bd0207692
HELX - Custom Scenery for Luxor International Airport (Egypt) Airport9 Feb 2012MD5: ec74782d626bfec89898cfd40be92556
OLBA (1.0) - Custom Scenery fixed a little from the X-Plane DM version19 Aug 2011MD5: e79b61455c09ad876c0d09a4791b4621
OM10 (1.0) - Custom Scenery for Yas Island Heli Hover Heaven! (fictional)23 March 2012MD5: 7a8ee6d3631573043057ed292e7952d2
Other Regions
LIPA (1.3) - Custom Scenery for LIPA (Aviano AB)19 Aug 2011MD5: c0bf3ace1c35175d9c94818d62c8ffae
NCAI - Custom Scenery for Aitutaki Airport27 Nov 2011MD5: cecf5533b4cfc6eee43f6bd583785ba2
KRBL - Custom Scenery for Red Bluff, CA21 Jun 2012
04O - Custom Scenery for Corning Municipal, CA21 Jun 2012
VRMG - Custom Scenery for Gan Island, Maldives24 Jul 2012
Just because I like it
ZULS - Custom Scenery for Lhasa Gonggar Airport 1.131 Oct 2012
Quick & Dirty For Fly-in!
EGNS - Custom Scenery for Ronaldsway (Isle of Man)22 Apr 2012Fly-In Beta (Updated)
LPMA - Custom Scenery for Madeira Airport2 May 2012Fly-In UPDATED (use OpenSceneryX 2.0)
FACT - Custom Scenery for Cape Town (SA) Airport13 May 2012Fly-In (uses OpenSceneryX 2.0/Autogate)
WPDL - Custom Scenery for East Timor Intl Airport18 May 2012Fly-In (uses OpenSceneryX 2.0)
EGVA - Custom Scenery for RAF Fairford6 Jul 2012Fly-In (uses OpenSceneryX 2.0)
LQSA - Custom Scenery for Sarajevo (1.2)30 Sept 2012Fly-In (uses OpenSceneryX 2.0)

X-Plane 9 Custom Livery

Qantas B787 Livery 1.0
911 Special B737-800 Livery 1.0 (in X-Plane DM)
Note: Now in X-Plane DM
Colibri EC120 US Coast Guard Livery 0.2
Unzip 3 images and one acf file, then copy to the Colibri folder, overwriting exising files there. Back up your files first!
Note: Now in X-Plane DM.
NZ All Blacks RWC Livery
Note: Now in X-Plane DM

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