Ground Traffic Helper

GetGT Ground Traffic Route Helper

This utility makes it really easy to create and edit Ground Traffic files using WED as your editing tool. It scans your WED config file ( for Strings, and converts the values into a text file suitable for the Ground Traffic plugin from Marginal.

Tips for drawing a Ground Traffic Route in WED

1. Select the “String” tool
2. Draw a line along the exact route you would like a vehicle to follow
3. With the whole string (route) selected in WED, edit the String name like this:
[name]:[vehicle object], ie:
4. Make the String “Spacing” value equal to the speed you want for this vehicle

GetGT will use the values added in the steps above to populate your sample GroundTraffic.txt file. In the sample above, the output file will be named GroundTraffic-fueltruck.txt. Make sure each string/route as a unique name.

Adding Ground Traffic commands

GetGT checks the name for each node in a string to see if it matches a recognised Ground Traffic command. If it does, it outputs it to the sample GT file.
1. Select a node in your String/Route.
2. Change the name of the node to the command you want executes AFTER the node is drawn. ie:
[GT command][parameters]|[GT command][parameters], ie:
pause 5
3. For a two-line command, separate the lines with a vertical bar (|). ie:
when sim/graphics/scenery/percent_lights_on 0.5 1.0|and sim/weather/rain_percent 0.1 1.0

Note: commands and parameters are not validated, so check you have everything spelled correctly.


  1. Wolfgang Reichart says:

    Hello Creator of this fine tool,
    after drawing succesful the ground routes of my first animatetd “moving vehicles” now I want to know, what is the meaning of the Button “KM” in the tool.

    Kind regards

    Wolfgang (aka CountCrash)

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