Sometimes I write stuff. Sometimes I don’t. Hope you find this/these documents handy in some way.


Starting Out In X-Plane – a beginners guide to using X-Plane.Org

A WED Beginners Guide To Creating Airport Scenery


  1. Alvaro says:

    Dear Sir Madam. I have the new SKBO airport by some colombians that would share it for X Plane users, its free to use, Made for MSFS. I dont have a way to transfer fs2xplane but would like to know if I could send you the link of the open file source and you could reproduce. Thank you for your help. Its a web page where it shows that its a free development.

  2. Lawrence mcDonald says:

    Hi there ,

    Its seems that Xplane scenery manager is broken in Windows 10
    And I soooooo Love this program , shame if I cant use it again …


    • admin says:

      I haven’t quite got brave enough to try Windows 10 yet. There’s an xscenerymanager.log in to program directory that may give a clue what the problem is.

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