Scenery packages for X-Plane

NOTE: Just about all scenery makes use of OpenSceneryX objects. You can [download OpenSceneryX here]. Also, all scenery is built in WED 1.1 for XP9.7, which should be fine in XP10 as well.

South America

SKCG (1.0) – Custom Scenery for Rafael Nunez (Cartagena, Colombia) Airport 30 Dec 2011
SKBO (1.3)- Custom Scenery for El Dorado, Bogota (Colombia) Airport. Now with Autogate! 23 Apr 2012
SKMU, SKSV- Custom Scenery Colombian Regional Airports. More to come! 21 May 2012
SEQU – Custom Scenery Quito Airport. 23 July 2012
SKRG (1.1) – Custom Scenery Jose Maria Cordova Airport. 7 Aug 2012

Middle East

HESH – Custom Scenery for SHARM EL SHEIKH INTL 30 Oct 2011
HELX – Custom Scenery for Luxor International Airport (Egypt) Airport 9 Feb 2012
OLBA (1.0) – Custom Scenery fixed a little from the X-Plane DM version 19 Aug 2011
OM10 (1.0) – Custom Scenery for Yas Island Heli Hover Heaven! (fictional) 23 March 2012

Other Regions

LIPA (1.3) – Custom Scenery for LIPA (Aviano AB) 19 Aug 2011
NCAI – Custom Scenery for Aitutaki Airport 27 Nov 2011
KRBL – Custom Scenery for Red Bluff, CA 21 Jun 2012
04O – Custom Scenery for Corning Municipal, CA 21 Jun 2012
VRMG – Custom Scenery for Gan Island, Maldives 24 Jul 2012

Just Because

ZULS – Custom Scenery for Lhasa Gonggar Airport 1.1 31 Oct 2012

Quick & Dirty for Fly-Ins!

EGNS – Custom Scenery for Ronaldsway (Isle of Man) 22 Apr 2012
LPMA – Custom Scenery for Madeira Airport 2 May 2012
FACT – Custom Scenery for Cape Town (SA) Airport 13 May 2012
WPDL – Custom Scenery for East Timor Intl Airport 18 May 2012
EGVA – Custom Scenery for RAF Fairford 6 Jul 2012
LQSA – Custom Scenery for Sarajevo (1.2) 30 Sept 2012
EETN – Custom Scenery for Tallinn, Estonia(1.0) 13 Jan 2013



  1. Lutz Pansegrau says:

    Hi, I downloaded FACT Custom Scenery and use the objects in my own Scenery. I was especially interested in the terminal building and the AutoGate stuff.

    Everything is fine so far except for one texture file which has not been included in your download: T1_LIT.png. So, all buildings B1, T1 and Twr are dark at night.

    Is the texture file available and, if yes, would you be so kind and send it via e-mail.

    With kind regards
    Lutz Pansegrau
    Cape Town

  2. admin says:

    Hi Lutz. As this was knocked up very quickly for the purposes of a fly-in, no LIT textures were made. I’ll see what I can do.

  3. Lutz Pansegrau says:

    Thanks, I’ll have a check here to see if you could find the time to add that file to the collection.

    I’m very fond of it that I could integrate a new version of the terminal into my FACT project. Thanks to you.

    Kind regards

  4. Louis Vermeulen says:

    I’ve developed 53 airports in South Africa with WED and opens scenery. Is there any change to publish same and possibly generating some income?

    • admin says:

      If you are using OpensceneryX, you cannot sell your scenery. Here is the license:

      I don’t think there is any harm in asking for donations, but remember, hundreds of scenery developers have uploaded free scenery packages to without asking for any return.

      If you want to create commercial quality scenery, then I suggest looking at a couple of offerings available in the org store. I would think that at a minimum you would need high quality ortho imagery, custom objects for all major buildings and scenery features for a major airport. bc at Epoch ( has bundled some small airports which sell in the org store – that might be a good example.

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